Presa optimistic of Jemez deal

Raul Martin Presa has insisted that he is optimistic that an agreement over a new contract with Paco Jemez will be reached soon.

The Coach was reported last month to have reached a general consensus with the club to sign on for another two years, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

“We are negotiating, the negotiations take time and we are close to the positions of each party so as to both be as comfortable as possible, that would be a good deal,” explained Rayo President Presa this week.

“I’m optimistic in everything that I do. When you get into a project that is almost as impossible as Rayo is, it is because I am optimistic.”

Jemez is part of a group of over a dozen individuals at the club, including a small majority of the playing squad, whose deals expire in June.

“There’s a specific theme that directs the sporting management and it takes time to see the strategy that we follow.

“We are happy with the performance of all the staff, without exception, but the sporting direction will dictate which players we keep and which we do not.

“There are no complaints from any and we are happy with them all because we are having a good season.”

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