Ramos delighted with performance

Sergio Ramos was left happy with Real Madrid’s performance against Galatasaray on Wednesday evening.

Los Blancos ran out 3-0 winners on the night to set up a strong advantage to take to Turkey for next week’s Champions League quarter-final second leg.

“We're very pleased with our performance against a team that we were not lucky to go up against as they're tough,” Ramos enthused afterwards.

“But Real Madrid was serious and played very well. There are 90 minutes left but we're taking a great score with us into the second-leg match.

“The match, in terms of our collective effort, was very good because we didn't concede any goals. Real Madrid gave it their all right from the start and I'm satisfied with the great match that we played.

“We'd like to win in the Galatasaray stadium as you mustn't take anything for granted in the knockout stages, that would be a slight to your rival.

“It's a complicated stadium with great supporters who give constant encouragement and they're going to give it their all despite the first-leg score. But it's true that we have a pretty good score going into the next match.”

Madrid are focusing their efforts in Europe this term after an early season collapse in La Liga.

“We have a special fondness for this competition and it's been years since we last won.

“We haven't made it yet but we're on the right track to get through to the final, without wanting to underestimate anyone because our first priority right now is concluding this quarter-final.”

Focus is once more on the man between the sticks at Madrid, with Diego Lopez maintaining his position against a back-to-full-training Iker Casillas.

“Diego Lopez is very restrained. We're very pleased with his results and we're not surprised at all because we're lucky enough to train with him every day and you can count on him in the penalty area.”

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