‘Dortmund will score in Germany’

Nevan Subotic has asserted that Borussia Dortmund will break through Malaga’s defence next week in Germany.

Dortmund were frustrated on Wednesday evening by the Anchovies’ back-line and failed to pick up an away goal in an eventual 0-0 draw.

However, their defender sees the Champions League quarter-final second leg as still within their grasp.

“There is really nothing I can criticise my teammates for. They put in the effort,” Subotic began in summary of yesterday’s result.

“Up front they created lots of opportunities to score and I am sure that if we put in at least the same effort again in the second leg then we will create sufficient chances to score a goal.

“Obviously, we are very happy to have reached this far and equally happy about the performance today.

Malaga did not make it easy for us at all. They are a good team. Just look at the first half, they put in a huge effort, they defended well – this is a good side which plays quality football.

“At the end I did not do much more than shake our Coach’s hand. He did not say anything about how we played. I am pretty sure he will be very happy with the performance we put in.”

Subotic also looked to ease some of the expectancy that is on his team to dispatch with Malaga.

“We are a young team. For most of us it is our first time getting this far. Coming under so much pressure, at this stage of the competition, in an away game, plus playing as we have done for the last couple years – that is something to be proud of.

“But we want more. We want a goal and it is in our hands because all we have to do is win the home game.

“The atmosphere here in Malaga was great. It was fascinating. I have not experienced something like that before. I respect it. But what is waiting for Malaga in Dortmund – that is one notch up again.”

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