‘We had more chances than Spain’

Didier Deschamps rued France’s inability to take their chances, of which he believes there were more than those created by Spain.

La Roja ran out 1-0 winners on Tuesday evening to reclaim top spot in the World Cup qualification Group I standings.

“The possession has been with the Spanish, no surprise there, but the most annoying thing is that we have had more chances than them. Failing to score was our sin,” lamented Deschamps post-match.

“We must not forget the team in front of us. We had to battle with 10 men. Against such an adversary, with the experience they have, you have to be effective and have circumstances favour you, here this has not been the case.

“We’ve created danger in the first half, although nothing sufficient. Spain confiscated the ball, but not with very vertical possession, obliged to defend.

“We created more than them, but the collective technical strength has been theirs. As a combined squad they are not far from 700 caps, with three titles, whilst we have close to 300 caps.”

France played out the remaining 12 minutes with 10 men, after Paul Pogba’s quick-fire two yellow cards in only his second full international.

“He has committed the sin of youth. But his were mistakes that were called, when compared to others that were done to us that were on the same level. Ribery received two that were not punished.

“The first booking it is true that his leg was a little high, but the second I think is very severe. But I do not regret having started him. He is a young player and things do not happen by chance.

“Busquets, Xavi and Xabi Alonso accumulate more caps than my whole team put together.

“We have three games remaining now. Things do not depend on ourselves, but we have to go to win each of them.

“We are not going to play against Spain. We have to win nine points and see if they do not win. Qualification has changed but we must continue winning the remaining games.”

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