CSD ‘support Malaga’s management’

The President of the National Sports Council (CSD) has expressed his support towards Malaga officials’ work in managing the club this term.

Malaga have been under financial scrutiny since owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani pulled back on the level of investment in the club last summer.

With unpaid debts to players and other clubs heading into the 2012-13 season, the club have been handed a European competition ban from UEFA, which is currently under appeal, and reportedly risk a further season’s ban if they cannot clear €10m of debt still allegedly owed by March 31.

Even with uncertainty over their accounts, the club report that general manager Vicente Casado and financial director Manuel Novo’s meeting with Miguel Cardenal, CSD President, was a success.

Cardenal, who in his role oversees the Spanish government’s organisation for directing the development of sport in the country, was described by the club as ‘satisfied’ with the discussion held over the current state of Spanish football and in particular Malaga.

Malaga are seen in local media to have recently ‘taken a radical shift in economic policy’ to satisfy some of the demands put in place by Cardenal.

“During the meeting between both entities, Cardenal was very pleased with the development of Malaga throughout the season, especially the club’s commitment to achieving financial stability,” a statement posted on Malaga’s website read. 

“The CSD President, who showed his full support of the management of Malaga, also took the time to congratulate the team on reaching the Champions League quarter-finals, and will attend the match against Borussia Dortmund at La Rosaleda next week.”

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