‘Vigo a harder city than A Coruna’

Fernando Vazquez has reflected on the ‘more loving, less hustling’ nature of working at Deportivo, compared to Celta Vigo.

The tactician came in at Depor earlier this calendar year, after a five-and-a-half-year absence from the game, having left the Celta bench in 2007.

For Vazquez, the differences in the two rival clubs is also noticed in the wider experiences of life in each city.

“The city of A Coruna is less hustling, more loving. Living there is easier,” reflected Vazquez when asked for a comparison on Radio Nacional de Espana.

“I am speaking in general, not just in football. Vigo is a harder city, more complicated, even more difficult to handle.

“With me I think they were too hard, with what happened. I would win a game and be whistled, and whistled before games too. I have no sense of bitterness or revenge. I have a home in Vigo and I feel loved, but I had problems with the fans. At Deportivo, in similar situations, it is not the same.”

The Coach was asked of the fierceness between Depor and Celta that continues to spill over during derbies.

“Why do we have to fight? We could have a stunning derby and we have not because we are fighting as neighbours.”

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