Real Madrid to sue Fuentes

Real Madrid will file a lawsuit against Eufemiano Fuentes, after the doctor claimed that the club owed him 'a debt'.

Feuntes, who is one of five defendants being investigated as part of Operation Puerto, insisted that Los Blancos owed him money for his services.

However, the capital side have denied accusations that they are part of the blood-doping scandal, admitting that the funds the doctor is referring to are from a 2009 legal case Madrid took to force French newspaper Le Monde to withdraw allegations the club had used Fuentes' controversial medical services.

A statement on their official website read:

“Due the statement made by Eufemiano Fuentes relating to Real Madrid C.F., the club would like to clarify the following:

1. In the judicial proceedings brought by Real Madrid C.F. against Le Monde, the club put forward Eufemiano Fuentes as a witness, following the false report being published concerning an alleged contract for the aforementioned individual to treat the club’s players. The court, considering that the statement was relevant to proceedings, admitted the statement and summoned Eufemiano Fuentes as a witness, who appeared in court and gave testimony denying having had any link with the club. The ruling was in favour of Real Madrid C.F.

2. The law states that witnesses are obliged to appear in court when summoned; however, they are entitled to be compensated by the party who put them forward as a witness, for any expenses and damages that they may have incurred. Such compensation is set by the court clerk, who takes into account the facts and circumstances that the witness provided in court.

3. Until the court clerk sets the amount of compensation, Real Madrid C.F. have no legal obligation to pay any amount to the witness.

4. Eufemiano Fuentes’ lawyer very recently sent an email requesting the payment of the compensation in question that, in his opinion, consisted of alleged expenses (travel, accommodation …) and of an amount that, according to him, corresponds to the amount that he forewent whilst unable to work in his office due to the fact that he had to attend court. No receipts or proof of payment were provided for any of the above.

5. Paying the amount claimed without any supporting evidence whatsoever would have been baseless, which is why his lawyer was informed that, pursuant to the Civil Procedure Code (art. 375), he should request that the court quantify the amount of damages to be paid. This procedure has not been followed in this instance.

6. Given Eufemiano Fuentes’ intention to mislead the public about his relationship with the club and, by showing bad faith and the intention to harm Real Madrid C.F’s reputation, the club will being lodging a lawsuit against him immediately.”

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