‘Mourinho and I super professional’

Sergio Ramos has reflected on the continued reports of his frosty relationship with Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho.

The defender has been vocal to reporters during the season of differences of opinion with Mourinho and has reportedly clashed more than once with the Portuguese.

“The relationship with Mourinho is not as damaged as they say,” Ramos countered on Cadena Cope this week, though.

“The relationship is very professional and super good. This is a time of the season that is very delicate and very good, and we would like to end the season by winning titles.”

Ramos was asked of his reaction to hearing Mourinho say ‘the better team had lost’ after Real Madrid defeated Manchester United in the Champions League Last 16 second leg recently.

“I obviously would have liked to have heard more words of appreciation for our team. We did something historic, we left our skin on that pitch.

“I’m not saying that it bothered me, though. And what I did with Ozil’s shirt did not affect anything.

“I’ve come to having differences with Coaches, but I am never disrespectful. I like to speak my mind and to the face. As I have done with Mourinho I have also with Aragones.

“Everyone has his way, his style. When there is a problem, it is solved at home. When you have to work something out then it is done so behind closed doors.”

Reports have also suggested that Madrid’s dressing room is split between the Spanish and Portuguese.

“I get along very well with Cristiano, we agree on many things, we are people who are very up front. Both Pepe and Cristiano are phenomenal with me. There are no Portuguese and Spanish groups at the club.”

Ramos then turned his attention to the national team and his developing relationship with a number of Barcelona players, including Gerard Pique at centre-back.

“Perhaps we surprised a lot of people with my relationship with Pique. But at Barca I am on best terms with Busquets, Iniesta and Valdes.

“At the European Championships I became very good friends with Valdes. We spent a lot of time together.

“I did not have a very good idea of him beforehand, so we should not judge people before knowing them.

“If I could sign one Barcelona player for Real Madrid then it would be Busquets for his necessity. Xabi Alonso accumulates a lot of games and Busi meets all the requirements.

“For inspiration it would be Iniesta, if I could sign anymore.”

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