Malaga ‘optimistic’ for CAS appeal

Malaga’s general manager and legal advisor have made clear the club’s appeal against their UEFA European ban, ‘very optimistic’ of their chances.

The club are taking their penalty of a season’s suspension from the next European club competition they would otherwise qualify for in the next four year to appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Ahead of this, legal advisor Joaquin Jofre explained the club’s approach and expectations of what proceedings are due in the coming months.

“On December 21, the club was notified about the sanction on behalf of UEFA,” Jofre began in a Press conference this week.

“Since this communication, without knowing the full legal implications – these were announced on January 13 – the club appointed defence lawyer, Juan de Dios Crespo, who has defended some of the best teams in Europe. 

“Working alongside him, we are completely protected. Within 10 days, the club presented brief allegations, following the sanction, based on an interpretation of Spanish law.

“Malaga believes there was a misunderstanding on behalf of UEFA, and our allegations were based on that. In February more detailed allegations were put forward, which have been answered by UEFA, which is the point we are currently at.

“We are awaiting the date for the hearing, May 14, to be confirmed, and then the case will be decided within one month.”

General manager Vicente Casado was also present and made clear the club’s optimism for winning their appeal.

“They need to inform us when the hearing will take place, which will probably be May 14, and will be focused on the public administration. 

“We’re very optimistic, we’ve fulfilled our obligations and we’ll prove it.”

Casado also commented on reports this week that the club are on the verge of a takeover by the owners of Paris Saint-Germain.

“As Malaga’s general manager, I can categorically deny any interest or offer by any other entity to purchase this club. It is completely untrue, and there is absolutely no reason to suggest otherwise.

“The owner is totally committed to Malaga. The investment is different, but the owner will continue to invest in the club.

“I’m very optimistic about the future of this entity. One of the owner’s representatives [Moayad Shatat] is here in his office every day, highlighting his continued interest in the club.”

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