‘Communication with refs key’

Joaquin Caparros was left pleased with the Coaches’ meeting with the Technical Committee of Referees held this week.

Coaches were called to the meeting by the Technical Committee’s President Victoriano Sanchez Arminio, on the Spanish Football Federation’s recommendation.

Held in reaction to the high number of Coaches to have been sent to the stands for protests this season, the meeting was geared towards offering clarification from the referees.

Afterwards, one of the many Primera Division technicians, Caparros, who is currently out of work, was left optimistic for the future.

“I do not think anyone feels aggrieved at the referees,” began the former Sevilla and Mallorca boss to reporters.

“They are the best, those who deserve it and usually make the fewest mistakes and they also officiate across European games. Each deserves to be where they are.

“It is good to have these meetings with the refereeing group. Communication is necessary, important, and as we work with each other, the dialogue is good and there is maximum transparency.

“In the world of football, it all balances out. A few give decisions for one thing, some for another, and the season is balanced in the end between what is given and taken away from you. That is in everything, not just the subject of refereeing. There is no team and individual immune from criticism.

“With the progress we have to go slowly. We have come far in fair play and tensions on the field. Coaches have to set an example, because there are times when we go into Press conferences without being calm. It is a game, there are many interests and you have to think about your team.”

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