Jemez proudest yet of Rayo

Paco Jemez described himself as ‘the proudest Coach in the world’ for Rayo Vallecano’s efforts in defeat to Barcelona on Sunday evening.

The Madrid side fell to a 3-1 defeat at the Camp Nou, but had the hosts on the back foot at times, recording almost as much possession as Barca and almost as many attempts at goal.

“There is no Coach in the world as proud as I am of my team,” Jemez enthused post-match.

“What they have done deserves much credit. I’m a very sore loser, but I have just experienced the game in which I am most proud of what my team has produced on the pitch.

“This is the message that the team has begun the season with in August and will not stop until the end of the season with.

“They have done something that is very important in football and very fast. Whilst we didn’t score, we did not have to give up possession and that is very complicated.

“I did not think that Barca would have to have changed their play for us, but circumstances have been so.

“But, a team up against Barcelona at that speed, any mistake can be costly. Rayo had their chances, but Barca did not let up.

“If anything characterises them then it is that they do not lose concentration. We did not expect that they would give us anything.

“They are used to competing every Wednesday and Sunday, to recovering fast and they are competing knowing that they have the League in their pocket.”

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