Vazquez critical of Aspas’ comments

Fernando Vazquez has reflected on the task of taking Deportivo ‘out of intensive care’ and also criticised Celta Vigo striker Iago Aspas.

Ahead of Friday evening’s Galician derby at Riazor, Aspas commented that he hopes to leave Celta’s rivals ‘with two feet in La Segunda’ at full-time.

“When you are a professional and you are beginning to get recognised, you have to know that your words are measured and analysed, when you say one thing or another,” responded Vazquez this week in his Press conference.

“It always seems foolish to say before you want to do well you want your enemy to do badly. What sense is there in wanting someone to do badly? In that sense, to me he is reprehensible.”

Vazquez takes Depor into the derby bottom of the table, six points and a place behind Celta and nine points adrift of safety.

“The derby is good right now because the team is in intensive care. I’m on the brain team, but for the lungs and heart we need help, and that’s the part the fans can give to this game, the emotion and the energy.

“If the brain, lungs and heart are safe, the patient does not die in intensive care.

“I do not think we will be overexcited for the game. Deportivo have shown in recent derbies that they are better at this level, the more excited team has been Celta.

“Deportivo have competed better. We will have to try to do so again in this game.

“This is an important game, but not our last hope, even if it is clear that the mathematical chances are scarce.

“Three points would give us a oxygen pump for the team, for the fans, for the city. We need to win for most things, obviously, whilst there are 11 games left and we need to win seven. That’s the reality.”

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