‘I’m not on holiday at Betis’

Dorlan Pabon has reflected that his good form at Real Betis is the result of hard work, despite the knowledge he is leaving in the summer.

The striker arrived on a six-month loan spell from Parma, having already committed to a summer 2013 transfer to Monterray in Mexico.

Even with his future guaranteed to be elsewhere, the 25-year-old Colombian says that his three goals in five appearances so far for Betis is proof of his determination to play to his best in this short spell in Spain.

“My performances have been as they are because I have not been on vacation here, I came here to do work and to do things right,” enthused Pabon to reporters this week.

“At the moment I am happy at Betis. Monterrey is my team from June, that is my future. I do not know what can happen between now and June. I am calm, playing and showing what I can do.

“I’ve adapted quickly. Here there is more space, more football is played than in Italy. There they defend more and it is harder to play. I almost did not play, so I didn’t prove myself. Here I have been given confidence and I am responding to the Coach.

“Our objective? Betis can go very far, it is up to us. The dream is to get into the Champions League. Everyone admires Betis, they know that they have an issue when facing us too. We are playing very well.

“The game this weekend at Valencia will be a very pretty game, but we want to take things step by step. We’re looking up, but we’ve always go the three points in mind.”

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