‘Barca a Ferrari’ in possession

Deportivo Coach Fernando Vazquez has said that his players will have to play at great speed, so as to keep up with the Ferrari that Barcelona are in possession.

Depor travel out to the Camp Nou this Saturday evening for a clash between top and bottom of the League.

Vazquez has promised that the Galicians will be pushing for a win, as they sit eight points adrift of safety, but that they do face a challenge in trying to just get the ball.

“To get the ball from Barcelona is an impossible task, they routine is so great and imposing as a style that people do not even discuss it,” the Coach told reporters today.

“You can press them high up the pitch or for a long time and whilst both are correct, they both come with risks. Being in midfield does not count for much.

“Nobody is thinking of a draw, we are thinking about winning. The draw would be subsequent, if in the 60th minute you are thinking for a draw then you become conservative, even the players do too. When you have nothing you risk more, it is to do with the mental aspect.

“We are going to play at a tremendous speed. We have to be better than we were against Rayo Vallecano in terms of aggression. In possession Barca are a Ferrari, so the team has to be prepared for that speed.

“Barca, for their recent form, will want to show that they are alive, aware, that this is the way they will then go into the Milan game.”

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