Mourinho: Madrid will have to attack

Jose Mourinho says he is unsure what will tip the balance of Real Madrid’s Champions League tie against Manchester United in their favour.

Madrid play out the second leg of their Last 16 clash with the English at Old Trafford tonight and Mourinho is clear that in needing an away goal to cancel out United’s from the first leg, his side will at least have to attack.

“What will decide the game? I have no idea. They are in a fantastic run, better than ever,” the Portuguese told his pre-match Press conference.

“An FA Cup quarter-final, winning the Premier League already in March and they don't lose a match in months.

“We are also in good form in 2013 – 12 or 13 matches with one defeat is quite a good result.

“That is the one million dollar question: what will make the difference? Nobody knows and the world will stop to watch this tie. It doesn't look a tie. It looks a final. I doubt the expectation can be bigger than this one.

“They will be very defensive when we have the ball and it will be the same for us when they have the ball. They are a strong attacking side and we will have to defend stoutly.

“Even though we are effectively behind in the tie, as they have the goal, we will have to attack and be bold.”

Mourinho’s side go into the game off the back of consecutive wins over Barcelona in the Cup and League.

“We come here after two victories but if we come here after two defeats, our feeling would be the same.

“The first match is for the cup, the second for a championship we know we cannot win, the third one a Champions League tie.

“Independent competitions, independent feelings. But, of course, it is better to come in a period when the players are happy.

“Beating a rival twice, the feelings are fine but I don't think it has an influence on the match. The emotion is high and it is a pity the match is not now and we have to wait until tomorrow.”

The Portuguese Coach famously ran down the Old Trafford touchline celebrating a late winning goal when Porto Coach in the Champions League back in 2004. He was asked if tonight’s game means as much as it did then.

“It means the same. That match was my first season playing Champions League. Now I have more than 100 matches and I can control my emotions a different way.

“If I lose I don't cry and if I win I don't run 100 metres.”

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