Bielsa: I have one vote less

Marcelo Bielsa has said that he is struggling to understand Vice-President Jose Angel Corres’ motives for hinted that the Coach might be sacked.

Athletic are enduring a difficult season and currently sit just three points above the relegation zone.

It is a situation that saw Corres come out today and hint that Bielsa’s time on the bench may be running out, which is a move that the Argentine tactician has now responded to.

“One thing I never do is determine responsibilities. I do not feel that unmet needs have limited my ability to my job,” began Bielsa at his Press conference today, shortly after Corres’ quotes emerged.

“I do not need anything from anyone, I get what I do need. There is a rule that has its origin in the condition of the group, up to the final moment that I say goodbye.

“I know the Coach’s position is unstable. In any organisation going in the reverse direction, the players will look to the leader and see if he is strong.

“Corres is an economist right? I do not know what his intention has been. Nothing one can say is going to make things better or worse, when we are going in an opposite direction to what is required.

“It weakens those who need strength, not because I feel powerful. I do not need to create anything to claim that.

“I clearly have one vote less when it comes to the board discussing my future. I do not know who he represents.”

Bielsa also explained the logic behind switching first-choice goalkeepers again. Gorka Iraizoz was dropped after committing some recent mistakes, but is back in between the sticks after Raul Rodriguez’ stint also saw a couple of errors committed.

“Iraizoz will start in Pamplona this weekend. I think that the errors have affected him less than Raul. I reverse the decision I made two weeks ago. Raul I think deserves more chances, but I cannot give them to him.”

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