‘Madrid were tremendously effective’

Jordi Roura conceded that Barcelona were hit by an effective Real Madrid counter-attacking strategy on Tuesday night.

Madrid left the Camp Nou with a 3-1 win to secure a place in the Copa del Rey Final and for assistant Coach Roura, it was off the back of a particular performance.

“We started the match really well, we had several chances, but Madrid were very effective on the counter-attack. Tremendously effective,” Roura reflected afterwards. 

“Then, they were awarded a clear penalty. In the second half, the more we controlled the game, they had one counter against us, that is their strength.

“The third goal has sunk us. Madrid have been very effective. When you lose you think towards change and it is clear that we will play differently against Milan and try to introduce some other things.

“It is true that we have conceded three goals, but we knew what type of match we were facing. I think they were extremely effective and we didn’t control their counters, which is their strength. We lacked wisdom there.

“We have to forget about this match and focus on future objectives. What we have to try to do is not let our guard down in the Liga and win it as soon as possible. We have an important match against Milan coming up and we’ll approach it with high expectations. I think these challenges are important and we’ll fight until the end for both titles.

“It’s true that in isolated plays they were very effective, it’s something that we simply weren’t in both the return and away games. In general they were much more effective than us.

 “I have nothing to reproach the players about tonight. I’m convinced that we will climb out of this dip in form. I think we need to have absolute confidence in this team.

“It’s sad when you’re eliminated. But these players are extremely competitive and they want to win it all. We have to bounce back and find the joy in the game.”

Barca have a 2-0 scoreline against Milan to then try and turn around at the Camp Nou in the Champions League Last 16 coming up soon.

“Madrid play differently. I think Milan will be more conservative. It’s very probable that against Milan we’ll make various tactical changes.

“When we lose it’s normal to see what changes can be made.”

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