‘Mourinho will have to go if…”

Cesar Luis Menotti has suggested that if Real Madrid are eliminated from the Cup competitions coming up then Jose Mourinho ‘will have to go’.

The veteran Argentine tactician has made the assertion with one eye firmly on Madrid’s upcoming fixtures.

Either side of a League Clasico against Barcelona, Los Blancos play the second leg of their Copa del Rey semi-final against Barca and the second leg of their Last 16 clash in the Champions League with Manchester United.

“If Madrid are out of everything in these next few weeks, Casillas becomes the figure and Mourinho will have to go,” former Barcelona Coach Menotti told Grada360 today.

“Football has these rules that are the same for everyone. The abuse as a Coach can be handled only when you are a champion.

“I, for example, did not call Maradona to the 1978 World Cup and if I had lost, knowing what Diego had done in the months prior, then I would have been killed.

“All that power is only given to you for success, you do not get it if you don’t get the wins and the glory. That is what sustains the likes of Del Bosque and Guardiola.

“But, I am aware that it is difficult, almost miraculous, to sustain a competitive rate as Barcelona have done all these years.

“I do not believe, though, that this is the extent and the end of their football. It is commendable that Barcelona have never given up their idea, just as the other day they didn’t against Milan.”

Menotti considered Real Madrid's current team, ahead of facing Barcelona tonight.

“They have great players, but are different to Barcelona. Tactically they are a team that fights, that closes out the space well, but in the creative aspects of the game has a huge dependence on their players.

“Then, they have Cristiano, who is a barbarian who can win games. And if he plays well then they win! They achieve much, but when they do not have him to rely on, the team plays with 10 men.

“Both teams will want to win, but it looks like Barcelona are the collective and Madrid are the individuals.”

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