Alonso: Madrid not divided

Xabi Alonso has denied that Real Madrid’s dressing room is divided and has enthused of the good player-Coach relationships Jose Mourinho has.

Madrid have been hit by numerous stories this season of in-fighting and clashes with Mourinho, with results on the pitch having taken a turn for the worse too.

However, in an in-depth interview with Vanity Fair magazine, midfielder Alonso sees the picture as slightly different inside the club.

“The team is not divided. I am aware of everything and see the difference between what is real and what is published,” reflected the 31-year-old.

“And we cannot be denying it all the time. We are and must remain a team, we have to be together, because this is a team sport.

“Casillas and Mourinho? They maintain a good working relationship as Coach and player, but they do not have to socialise together.

“Mourinho is smart, he has always lived with the criticism. When the results are good everything looks prettier and when they are bad, it seems that all the conflicts arise, personal disputes or problems.

“But it is true to say that we are not happy this year because we have lost more than we usually do.

“As a Coach, Mourinho is very, very good. One of the best in the world. To me, he has helped me grow personally and professionally.

“He is excellent and empathising with the players. Take it from me, first hand. In the day to day, he is what you want.

“I am talking of the player-Coach relationship. Otherwise, I do not know much about him.”

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