Mourino: We couldn’t hire Salva

Celta Vigo President Carlos Mourino has defended why he elected against the hiring of Salva Ballesta as an assistant Coach at the club.

In the wake of Paco Herrera’s replacement with Abel Resino, the club were the subject of controversy for not hiring former footballer Salva due to, as the player put it himself, ‘political reasons’.

It was seen by Salva that President Mourino had bowed to pressure from online social networks that did not want him at the club due to alleged political affiliations.

However, Mourino argued in unveiled Resino this week that the reasoning behind the decision was not based on sectarianism.

“Celta did not veto anyone. We hire or we do not hire. We select people first on a human side, followed by sporting and that is continued through to the Coach. Salva was proposed to us on the Sunday.

“We do our research and inquiries, as always, without exception, and decided that he could not come to Celta. We analyse the problems he had in other teams as a player, he did not have enough experience…

“We analyse everything and decided that this person could not be hired by Celta.

“Pressure from social network reaction? I don’t know what Salva says and I will not argue here with him. Indeed, for me the issue with Salva does not exist. I am the President of the club who had to make the decision to bring him here as a Coach or not.

“We made a number of inquiries and decided not to bring him. If someone wants to make Celta political, Celta will not go into that.

“You know that we do not do politics and we never will. So to me the issue with Salva is not there. The decision on Salva was taken in conjunction with a number of opinions, as we always do.”

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