‘This Barca will go down in history’

Xavi Hernandez has claimed that his Barcelona team will go down in history, 'like the Lakers in the 1980's'.

The Spain international has become one of the most decorated players of all-time, winning 20 trophies during his 15-year career with the Blaugrana.

And the 33-year-old has conceded that they will go down as one of sports great teams, comparing his side to the Los Angeles basketball franchise.

“When this generation has passed, people will still remember us,” he told reporters. “They will remember us like people still remember the Lakers from 30 years ago – a historic team.

“We are not fully aware of that now though, because we try to live for now, day-by-day. We just want to compete and win as much as possible.”

He also commented on the teammates he feels don't garner the sort of recognition they deserve.

“Messi has already been recognized a lot. The same goes for Iniesta, or myself.

“But there are players like Busquets or Valdes who do not get what they deserve, even though they are the best in the world at their positions.”

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