Depor ‘returning to normal’

Riki has reflected that Deportivo is slowly returning to normal off the pitch and that the players are receiving some of their overdue wages.

The squad have not been paid since September but, after seeing the club move into bankruptcy proceedings last month, are starting to see some of their money paid through.

Striker Riki confirmed at a Press conference this week that the players have received an ‘allowance’ already.

“At the moment, more or less, things are returning to normal,” commented the forward.

“Fortunately, a list has been drawn up, but the main thing is the sporting targets.”

The club finally received a €10,620,000 payment from broadcasting company Mediapro for this year’s television rights last week, which is approximately the same figure the club owe to players past and present.

Administrators are currently waiting a court judgement on their request to remove President Augusto Cesar Lendoiro from his position and stop his one per cent budget wage.

The club’s total debt is believed to stand at €146m.

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