Falcao: Footballers live in a bubble

Radamel Falcao has reflected on the life of a footballer, how the game has changed for him and on the worth of his English lessons.

The Atletico Madrid striker gave an interview to El Mundo this week and reflected on a number of topics, beginning with Spain’s current economic crisis.

“Clearly the economic situation in the country is not easy,” Falcao reflected. Spain have an unemployment rate of 26 per cent, whilst among young people joblessness is at 55 per cent.

“The footballer always lives in a bubble, because when such things come along they are not affected by the crisis, but I do know how things are because otherwise I would not be living in this world.

“I have the privilege of having a job and that, today, is something that I value greatly.”

The Colombian also reflected on how he sees that the game has changed.

“For many, football has become a business, to others a radical consideration or position to divide people. This exceeds what the game is, it used to be something much more fraternal.

“[However,] I do not want to change my circumstances, neither for the football nor the fame. I try to live as I want to be and how.”

Falcao was also asked of Atleti’s season aims and why he may be taking English lessons, having been linked continuously in the last 12 months with a move away from the club.

“As a group we aim to get into the Champions League. If we maintain our current level then we can achieve our objectives.

“English? I am learning. I have many years ahead of me, so I hope the next time I go on vacation I have the chance to use it.”

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