Jemez: ‘Bravest Rayo for Madrid’

Paco Jemez wants to see the ‘bravest Rayo Vallecano’ yet, as he intends that the minnows try to match Real Madrid on Sunday night.

Rayo make the quick trip across the Spanish capital to face their more illustrious city rivals just nine points and three places behind them in the League table, after a decent run of results.

“The fact that we are only nine points behind in the table is anecdotal. In any other situation, it is normal that Real Madrid have more points than us,” Jemez reflected in his pre-match Press conference today.

“We are doing things right, we have a lot of important points already and we would like more.

“We are in good form and it is a pleasure and an honour to play for our fans and show we can do well against Real Madrid.

 “They are a difficult opponent and this will be a complicated game and, even if they are not at their best, they are still competitive and I do not see this as an easy game.

“In their case, after a game of such requirements as Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Manchester United, perhaps some players may notice some fatigue, but they have a big squad and can put out an XI second to none.”

Despite this recognition of Madrid, Jemez made clear the intention that his team play Sunday’s match like any other.

“As much as they are Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world, we are going to play exactly the same. I want to see the bravest Rayo of all season.

“Then, the result will be as it is, but we will try to win by playing as we have. If we cannot show that we can do better than Madrid, we will not win.

“We have to try and take the ball from Madrid, which will be difficult. While we do not have it we will get hurt, whilst they also have the characteristics to manage a game with or without the ball.

“We want to have it, but also have the concentration in those moments when they take the ball back, because within a few touches they can be in your area.

“We have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that they score four or five past us. We must be practical to know that all we can suffer is a defeat, so we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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