‘UEFA have made Malaga scapegoats’

Joaquin Sanchez has criticised UEFA for punishing Malaga a lot harder than they would have sanctioned a bigger-named club.

Malaga are currently appealing a ban from European competition handed to them by UEFA, as a result of ‘overdue payables’, thought to be the missed payments of wages to players and staff and transfer fees to other clubs.

For Joaquin, the prospect of the club missing out on European football in the next season they otherwise qualify for over the course of the next four years is a punishment too far.

“UEFA have picked us out to be a scapegoat, to make an example of. We are paying for the mistakes of others,” he told RNE this week.

“I do not believe that we are the first who have had payment problems. We have been treated very harshly. They would not have done this to a European giant of the game.”

The winger has been in strong form this season and admitted that he would be happy to push for a return to the Spanish national team.

“I would look to a return to La Roja. It is another thing, though, to be called. Hopefully I can realise the ambition of being there again.

“Playing in attack now I have many more chances to score goals. My game has never been about that, though. But, while in that position I have been able to find the net more.”

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