Administrators want Lendoiro out

Administrators have asked the judge overseeing Deportivo’s bankruptcy proceedings to consider Augusto Cesar Lendoiro’s removal as President.

According to numerous reports in Spain, the administrators have informed the judge that they believe the actual debt at Depor to be greater than that declared in the accounts by Lendoiro.

Carrying out an audit to determine the true level of debt at the club and who is responsible for it, the administrators have highlight anomalies in the Galician outfit’s accounts so far.

As a result, they have reportedly raised the possibility of removing Lendoiro from his position and suspending his 1 per cent salary from the club’s budget.

If the judge rules in the administrators’ favour then Lendoiro will effectively hold only a representative role, rather than an executive function at the club, with economic decisions taken completely out of his hands.

An official ruling on Lendoiro's position is expected early next week.

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