Bojan might celebrate against Barca

Bojan Krkic might celebrate scoring against Barcelona next week and sympathises with David Villa, but would still like to return ‘home’.

The 22-year-old, who is currently halfway through a second year on loan away from Barca, is set to come up against the Catalans next week in the Last 16 of the Champions League with Milan.

Ahead of that, the young striker sat down with RAC1 to talk over a number of issues, starting with his desire to score against his parent club.

“I have wanted to play and score against Barca, but not out of anger or bitterness, which I do not have, but in order to help my teammates,” explained the graduate from La Masia. 

“Would it be a point of vindication? Yeah, but for the importance of the game.”

The youngster also admitted that he might celebrate any goal scored against Barca, at least in the one stadium.

“If there is nothing wrong then I will not think that celebrating a goal at San Siro would be a lack of respect, I suppose I would celebrate, but at the Camp Nou it may be different, depending on the moment, I prefer not to think about it.”

When Bojan first departed Barca in 2011, he indicated that not being given enough opportunities by Pep Guardiola and in his preferred No 9 position were the reasons for leaving.

“To not play in the 2011 Champions League Final at Wembley really hurt me, it hurt me and I did not get a chance.

“If I could do anything over? Last year it is true that I let myself go a little, on a psychological level it was difficult.”

Bojan was in competition with the likes of Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a striking position at the Camp Nou.

“It is difficult for anyone to perform if you do not have continuity and you do not feel important. At Barca I was important in key moments at an historic club, but I did not play competitively and for tactical decisions.”

David Villa is similarly struggling for playing time at Camp Nou this season.

“I fully understand what is happening to Villa. He was used to being the reference point for his team, always scoring the goals, but this is difficult for him, he has to adapt to another position because he is next to the best player in the world.

“Despite everything I am proud of my time at the club, and I showed that I can play at a very high level. Will I go back? It is my home, but in football wishes do not count.

“Milan? I do not participate much in scoring goals, but in the collective game, with freedom in the attack. I appreciate more the minutes that I play, with focus and intensity.

“I need to be a regular starter to be owned by Milan or any other team. That is why next year I hope that I will be owned by a team that is committed to me, in order for me to be important.

“Being given no favours.”

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