‘Beckham better than Ronaldo’

Former Manchester United youngster Adam Eckersley has played with both and says that David Beckham was better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Former youth team player Eckersley trained with both at Old Trafford and reflected this week that he has no doubt they were the best he ever worked with.

“David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best I’ve played with. If I had to choose? Beckham,” the full-back told the Daily Mail this week, about the two footballers who have both also been on the books at Real Madrid.

“I remember a first-team session at United, eight versus eight. Roy Keane was on my team, Beckham was on theirs.

“He kept crossing, and they kept scoring from them. I couldn’t get near him. Keane was shouting at me, going mad: 'Adam! You’ve got to get out to him, stop the crosses!'

“I thought: 'The best full backs in the world can’t stop him, so what chance do I have!'”

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