Ronaldinho has Messi regret

Ronaldinho has revealed that the biggest regret in his career is having not played longer at Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi.

The Brazilian spent four of his five years at the Camp Nou alongside a burgeoning Messi, before leaving for Milan in 2008.

The 32-year-old’s admittance came in an interview with the media in England ahead of Brazil’s friendly there this week.

“Do I regret not playing in England? No, because I have played for some of the biggest teams in the world and won everything,” he answered to the Daily Mail today.

“The only regret is not playing more seasons with Lionel Messi. He is my good friend.

“I could see even at a young age he was going to be the best. It was exciting to see this kid who could do things most players can only dream of.”

Ronaldinho was asked if compatriot Neymar could reach Messi’ level.

“Messi for the last three or four years has been the best player in the world – he has been at a level of consistency I don't think the world has seen before.

“Neymar is young, though, and I can't explain how special he will become. In the next two or three seasons he will become the best player.”

The Brazilian was asked a number of other questions, including what he felt was his best goal and who he saw as his toughest opponent on a pitch.

“My best has to be for Barcelona against Villarreal in 2006 – that is the one I am asked most about and it is the one I am most proud of.

“Xavi chipped the ball to me, I chested it down, twisted and hit an overhead kick. It was the final goal in a 4-0 win.

“Toughest opponent? The toughest opponents for me are the defenders who are tough in the way they play – where you can't see a way through.

“Paolo Maldini and John Terry are two of the toughest men I have met on the field.”

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