Ronaldo: Fergie or Mourinho…

Cristiano Ronaldo has reflected that it is too difficult to choose between or even compare Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

Ronaldo worked under Ferguson at Manchester United for six years, before being joined after a year at Real Madrid by compatriot Mourinho.

“It's not fair to say, it's like comparing a Ferrari with a Porsche,” the Portuguese told The Sun in part of an interview published this week.

“Both are very good, very experienced and both like to win – and I mean to win everything. That's why they have both been champions many, many times.”

The two tacticians will face off in the Champions League Last 16 starting later this month, just as Ronaldo gets to face former team United for the first time since leaving in 2009.

“Manchester was my home and still is in my heart. I love it. Because when people treat you very well you never forget that.

“And I will never forget United, the people who work there and the supporters. For me it will be a pleasure, a real pleasure.

“Of course I know there will be a lot of attention on me but for me there is no pressure, no pressure at all.

“It is only a game, just a football match against my old club. I'm not going to war, I'm going home – and I am really looking forward to it.

“On the day of the draw I was out training and I had this strong feeling that we were going to get Manchester United.

“And when the draw was made I was very happy. It's a tough match of course – Madrid and United are the two biggest clubs in the world and it's a real 50-50. It could go either way.”

Ronaldo also told the English publication this week of his motivation for charity work.

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