Caparros: Red card ended game

Joaquin Caparros was focused only on the referee’s performance post Mallorca’s defeat at Real Sociedad, and not his future as Coach.

Caparros was widely regarded as on his final chance to turn things around for the island outfit in Week 22, but saw his team fall to a 3-0 defeat.

Despite the pressure on him, he refused to talk of anything other than the game, which he believed was influenced by Javi Marquez’ two yellow cards inside the first half hour of play.

Marquez’ second yellow was for a handball offence, which replays suggested was an incorrect call. Jose Angel for La Real was later not whistled for what appeared a clear handling offence.

“It is amazing that a professional referee has practiced unequal criteria in one encounter,” commented Caparros afterwards.

“If Marquez was booked then Jose Angel’s foul was clear, and we were left with a tremendous disadvantage against a team that we were previously equal to.

“The red card ended the game.”

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