Callejon: The good not always good

Jose Callejon has claimed Lionel Messi insulted Aitor Karanka and Alvaro Arbeloa and commented on the racist abuse Dani Alves received in midweek.

A report in Spain alleged that after Wednesday night’s Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu between Real Madrid and Barcelona, an irate Lionel Messi confronted assistant Coach Karanka and full-back Arbeloa.

In speaking to the Press today, Callejon made clear his view on the alleged clash.

“I saw the incident with Aitor because I was coming up behind him. I don’t know if Messi called him a name, but he did call him ‘Mourinho’s doll’.

“With Arbeloa…on the pitch tempers can flare and we can all use insults and say things that we regret later.

“But when a colleague waits an hour, an hour and a half, to rebuke a fellow, with his wife present, they need to think about that.

“The good are not always good, nor the bad always bad.”

The young utility man was asked for his take on the racist abuse that Dani Alves received during the midweek Cup match. Alves later called for tougher measures to be brought in to punish such incidents.

“On the issue of racism, the club that has suffered the most racist abuse in its history, I believe is Real Madrid.

“It happens in all fields and in all countries. It is regrettable. Of course it is a losing battle, but it occurs here and in other countries.

“It happened to Boateng in Italy. It is a matter of concern and we have to try and end it.”

Callejon also spoke of the playing action on the pitch and was pleased that his team picked up the score draw with a weakened line-up.

“It was important. The game was very good, the football was great. We made a great effort because it was uphill. It went well, we gave our all and the tie is still open.

“For us it was a very good result. We did not want to concede, but it was not possible. We have to go to the Camp Nou with the intention of reaching the final.

“We noticed an improvement over previous games against Barcelona. Playing against them is very difficult because they have a lot of ball possession, but we have to push on and give our all in the second leg.”

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