Jimenez: Zaragoza slump my fault

Manolo Jimenez blamed himself for Real Zaragoza’s defeat at Real Valladolid, for demanding too much from the team.

The Coach has taken the side to the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, but either side of a quarter-final clash with Sevilla saw a number of injuries hit his team during Sunday's lacklustre defeat at Valladolid in the League.

“The biggest culprit is me for demanding that the team is in two competitions and we have been unprepared for both,” reflected Jimenez after the 2-0 reverse on Sunday.

“The players have dropped as a group, but I trust in them to reverse the situation.

“We were very cold in this game, whilst Valladolid’s first goal came after a resounding failure of our defence.

“They then got ahead, they drew petrol from that and we lost Loovens, Apono and Pinter to injury, and it was indeed a relaxing half-time break.

“The injuries have disconnected us from the game, but from half-time we managed to improve and we were able to break up the game.

“Until then we had taken possession of the ball but had been stuck with it.”

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