‘Alexis will bounce back’

Ivan Zamorano has pleaded for patience for Alexis Sanchez, reassuring that: “he is an extraordinary player who will resurface at some point.”

Alexis has struggled for consistent form during the first 18 months of his career with the Catalans and came under the scrutiny of the home support during the midweek Cup game with Malaga, where he was responsible for some notably poor finishing.

Even so, former Real Madrid striker and fellow countryman Zamorano has sympathy and encouragement for the 24-year-old.

“In Chile we are certain that he is an extraordinary player who will resurface at some point,” the retired striker told Radio Marca today.

“I experienced a similar situation in my second year when at Madrid when I went nearly three months without scoring, and I was a striker and he is not.

“Alexis is a solid player who is always willing to help and he never leaves his team with just 10 men. These slumps are a normal condition for players.”

Zamorano reflected, though, that the 2-2 result in midweek between Barca and Malaga still made him happy.

“We had a divided heart because we are all fans of Alexis, but on the other team were Pellegrini and Iturra. What Pellegrini is doing at Malaga now is excellent.

“I was also delighted for Iturra [who opened the scoring] because I know how important it is to score at the Camp Nou.”

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