‘Pep chose Bayern because…’

Pep Guardiola’s agent has revealed that the Coach signed with Bayern Munich in December and ‘because it was the best offer’.

Yesterday saw the Bundesliga club make official that the former Barcelona man had signed a three-year contract to lead them from the start of the 2013-14 campaign.

“We have been passing up offers,” revealed Guardiola’s representative Josep Maria Orobitg to EFE, in the wake of the announcement.

“This team [Bayern] is not the one that offered the most money. He has chosen it for its organisation, for the potential that he sees and for its players.

“There had been contact from other clubs, whilst some chose to wait and see the announcement. It has come out all over the world of offers, real meetings, false meetings, trips that have not existed… Much has been written on this topic.

“The signature was made around Christmas. I don't recall which day exactly, but it was around December 20.

“I did not know they were going to announce it now. Leaks? That is a lie. They have wanted to make the decision today. When a lot of people begin to know then it cannot wait any longer, because we also have to inform sponsors and organise. These guys [Bayern] are very serious about it.”

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