‘Mou used to get away with things’

Gerard Pique has added his thoughts to the debate surrounding Jose Mourinho, commenting on the Press’ relationship with the Portuguese as the issue.

Mourinho has come under increasing pressure this season for Real Madrid’s poor first half of the season and for a number of reported clashes with figures at the club, including dropping Iker Casillas recently.

For Pique, the issue lies in the approach taken by the media towards Mourinho.

“It’s funny because I remember that when Madrid were winning, Mou was permitted for everything,” the Barcelona defender told reporters today.

“He came here and stuck his finger in the eye of Tito. How many matches was he banned for? Zero. Now he has dropped Iker, has threatened a journalist and Mourinho is criticised.

“Mourinho has always been like this, since arriving here. He was permitted for everything he did.

“I don’t think the Press should be as they are now, and the same goes for the Press in Barcelona as in Madrid.

“Barca don’t do everything well, but the front pages of Mundo Deportivo and Sport makes it look as if we do. Everything then changes when things go wrong. So I say the same for both sides, for Madrid and Barcelona.”

Pique was asked of Barcelona’s record-breaking first half to the League season, which has seen them drop just two points so far and if it is evidence that this Barca are the best version yet.

“With the treble we seemed to be the best club, but two years later it was the same team and we had improved our game.

“Against United [in the 2011 Champions League Final] it was one of the best games you could remember, at least in our club’s history.

“Now we have some different players, but the same base, we have to improve and seek new challenges and we are back up to a very good level.

“Is the title race over? With Madrid, until it is mathematically so, you cannot dream of winning, they are always considered a rival for the title for their grandeur and history.

“They have something that when a team and its fans believe, they can pull forward and retrieve titles that otherwise seemed impossible.”

The defender was then prompted to consider if the team are now better under Tito Vilanova than they were under Pep Guardiola.

“It’s something intangible, for everyone to have their opinion on. We are playing a great game.

“It is true that in recent games we have been most comfortable, but in the end what counts are the titles and to reach May with the chance, which is what we did with Pep and what we will try to do with Tito.”

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