Gurpegui: Time to grit our teeth

Carlos Gurpegui has reflected on Athletic Bilbao’s continued misfortune but reassured supporters that the dressing room is determined to reverse it.

Athletic have suffered three consecutive defeats to end the first half of the season on just 21 points and in lower-mid-table territory.

“The most frustrated by the situation are us. We almost tasted glory last year and now we are the ones who are having to fight in the mud,” rued Gurpegui to reporters today.

“But we are here and the history of the club demands that we fight. There is concern and disappointment in the dressing room for the three-game losing streak and for the misclassification in the table.

“We want to reverse the situation, something that we are very sad for. We are not thinking with fear, though, but the concern to see that things do not go in that direction.

“It is time to grit our teeth, to stand up and to go to Seville and play the next game on the Monday at Betis, aware of the situation but attacking and going for the win.”

The captain was asked of the possibility in seeing Marcelo Bielsa replaced as Coach.

“No, he is the trainer to pull this off, no doubt. We have not considered the possibility that they may sack the Coach.

“We need everyone here, we all feel the importance and we can help. To get out of these situations, which in other years have been more serious, the key is unity.”

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