Depor confirm player activity

Deportivo have confirmed that they are looking to offload a trio of players, and that three more have agreed to new deals.

President Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, who filed the club for bankruptcy yesterday, spoke to reporters and updated on several situations.

Primarily, this focused on Depor’s intention to offload Jesus Vazquez, Juan Carlos Real and Tiago Pinto, even though the latter only joined the club in the summer.

“We believe Pinto is close to a possible departure,” Lendoiro commented.

“For Jesus Vazquez, there has been a request from Hercules and some other clubs. There is a proposal, but no final agreement yet. Juan Carlos has a definitive agreement with Huesca.”

More importantly, Lendoiro revealed that Ze Castro, Bruno Gama and Manuel Pablo have all agreed to new contracts at the club.

Depor have been in talks with the trio for a number of months, as part of a renewal campaign for several of the first team squad.

“We know Ze Castro had some offers of importance for the future, but we wanted to keep hold of him in every way, also from the point of view of affection. How beautiful this love is!”

Ze Castro’s original deal was set to expire in June, but he has reportedly agreed a four-year extension. Bruno Gama has also been handed a one-year extension to June 2016.

Meanwhile, Pablo’s deal was already in place for a number of weeks and has now been confirmed by Lendoiro as being one more year as a player, followed by four more in a technical capacity working for the club.

Alex Bergantinos and Laure have both already signed new deals this season, whilst Riki is expected to follow on soon.

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