Montanier rues missed opportunity

Philippe Montanier admitted after Real Sociedad’s 4-3 defeat to Real Madrid that it was an opportunity missed for his team, but not one deserved.

La Real played a majority of Sunday afternoon’s encounter with an extra man after Antonio Adan’s early red card, but they still lost the match.

For their Coach Montanier, it was poor defending and turned the opportunity of a win into a deserved defeat.

“For me, this was a unique opportunity to achieve something here, but we did not deserve to because we played a bad game defensively,” the Frenchman told reporters post-match.

“We have made many technical mistakes, we lost a lot of possession. We gave too many chances for Madrid to counter-attack.

“It was a great pity, but our level today has not been high enough. We cannot concede four goals and expect to get a good result at the Bernabeu.

“I’m not satisfied with our level today. It is true that whilst Madrid were down to 10 men they also still had the quality of Ronaldo, Benzema and Ozil, but to have a good result here requires a good defensive level.

“For me, today [Sunday] that was not sufficient. I’m not satisfied with the performance, nor with the character. It is not enough for us to play against one of the best teams in the world.”

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