Adan: I’ve been disrespected

Antonio Adan has reiterated Coach Jose Mourinho’s point that he has been disrespected by sections of the media recently.

The back-up goalkeeper was selected ahead of Iker Casillas for the closing game of 2012 at Malaga and again was in the starting line-up ahead of the Spain No 1 for 2013’s opening fixture at home to Real Sociedad.

Mourinho commented that focus on Casillas’ absence had come at the cost of some disrespectful comments to Adan, to which the ‘keeper agreed.

“It has been two weeks where many things have been said. I have been apart from it. My work has led me here. My colleagues and I have supported the Coach. The rest, I do not care about,” he told reporters after yesterday’s win for Real Madrid over Real Sociedad.

“There have been opinions and I have been disrespected. I’m one component of the team and I can play. I have been here for 16 years, some do not know of my career and are speaking.”

Adan only played the opening five minutes before being sent off for bringing down Carlos Vela in the penalty box.

“This can happen. You can play a perfect game or this can happen and you have to go home. Mourinho chose the XI to play and I was here. The views of some do not move me. The most important goal of Madrid is to work and to keep working.

“The game went well. We won again, an unfortunate play made it a lot more complicated. I appreciate the effort of the team and I apologise to Callejon [who was subbed off for Casillas] because he could not play for very long.

“After the difficult situation that we have been through, which cost us the win, every game is important. Anything that is a win gives us confidence to fight for the Cup competitions that we are left in, because in the League there are many points that separate us from first place.”

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