Del Nido: Sevilla don’t have to sell

Jose Maria del Nido has categorically denied that Sevilla have to sell players this January, saying that he has rejected a €16m bid for Alvaro Negredo.

The club are widely believed as in need of selling players to help balance the books, after Del Nido posted a first loss late last year for the first time as President.

Del Nido also suggested at the time that the club would sell players to help balance a €15m loss, but he has today gone back on that statement.

“It is not mandatory to sell players. The concern is for those who are uncomfortable. We are not looking to sell Negredo, or Rakitic or Reyes,” he told reporters at Miroslav Stevanovic’s presentation today.

“There have been offers for seven players in our first team. The seven have been rejected. Specifically for Negredo we rejected a €16m bid, but we were not going to publicise it.

“Only if an off-market offer comes in for any player will they be sold today, tomorrow or the day after. It is as we have done so in the 10 years of my term.

“Unless such an offer comes in, no player must be sold. In each case are deals that improve what we have spent on the player. We always improve on what we have paid. But maybe this afternoon I’ll accept the seven offers that have come in…

“Still, there is no need to sell, there is no need to sell within the sporting context. There is no need to sell, but that does not mean that we won’t sell.”

Del Nido also took questions on the club’s economic situation, which includes a deferral of paying taxes owed on player wages from October and November.

The President says that the deferral is a tactic taken by the club every six months, that payments to the tax office are always met and that the tax office have told him that the club are one of the five to owe the fewest to them in all of Spain.

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