Malaga ‘in jail without knowing why’

Malaga’s director general expects UEFA’s decision to ban the club from European competition to be overturned.

The Anchovies were hit with a fine and a ban from the next European competition they qualify for shortly before Christmas.

“I am disappointed by a decision which I consider unfair,” Vicente Casado commented in an interview with Marca.

“I believe there is a mistake. But I am not worried, because we are relaxed and confident that we have fulfilled our obligations.

"Malaga currently has no due debts. That is very important. There is long term debt, like any team, which we must pay within two years. These are relatively small, due to other clubs. We have an agreement with the taxman, for a sum of less than €10 million, which is small in the world of football. The players went on holidays with their wages all paid up to date."

Casado is particularly irked by how vague the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) have been throughout the process.

“They have told us the punishment but they have not yet sent us the details. That is like being put in jail without knowing the reason. We hope to have them by the middle of January.

“Last Saturday we had the AGM and presented a surplus for this season of €5 million. That is thanks to the success on the field in the Champions League, the sale of players, a rise in TV revenues and a rise in season ticket revenue. That means this year we will be on the right line.

“We are not against financial fair play. It seems to us a very good instrument of economic control for clubs. We are totally in favour, we want to be an example of financial fair play and since last summer we have been working on that. We have changed from being a club where there has been a lot of investment to a club which looks for a financial balance.

“We sold two stars, we signed players on free transfers and we have become more competitive. That is a demonstration of financial fair play. So we are very relaxed and sure all will be sorted out.”

Despite his insistence that the club is now stable, the official does not rule out further sales.

“That is one way they could help us. To be able to buy La Rosaleda at a symbolic price, with payment facilities, for us would be a way to continue building a solid base for the future.”

“We are a team who wants to keep hold of our current players. But this is football and that depends on many factors.”

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