Caparros hopes for fewer injuries

Joaquin Caparros has asked that the new year brings his Mallorca squad a better run of luck with regards to injuries.

From the autumn into winter, the Coach saw his playing staff hit by a series of mid-to-long-term injuries, as their form on the pitch took a particular nosedive.

Preparing to kick off 2013 in Week 18 with the visit of Atletico Madrid on Sunday night, Caparros is clear on what he wants from and for his team from now on.

“We must renew our hopes and improve upon the numbers from 2012. We need to be united too.

“I ask that the new year brings us no more injuries, because I think that we have exhausted our quote of misfortune for this season,” half-joked the tactician in today’s Press conference.

“People have trained very hard this week. There are 12 teams in the Division who are very equal and so we must have a winning mentality.

“It is important that we reduce the number of goals conceded, just as we did at the end of last season. If we succeed then the team will be awarded, otherwise, we will suffer…”

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