Abidal on ‘difficult’ comeback

Eric Abidal has admitted that it will be difficult to regain his previous level of performance for Barcelona, but that out of a debt owed to the club he will try.

The Frenchman has recently been given the green light to return to full training, eight months on from undergoing a liver transplant as part of his recovery from a tumour discovered on the organ in 2011.

Speaking at the Dubai International Sports Conference where he was honoured alongside Jose Mourinho, the defender admitted that returning to the very top looks like a challenge.

“I think it will be difficult. Only God knows. I’ll try and see if I’m really right, or to leave room for the youngsters, because I am 33,” he told reporters.

“God teaches you that there is another path and equally I will have to follow. I’m in better health, but it has been a very hard road for two years.

“The doctors have given me a medical discharge but I have no set date to be back on the field. But, every day I enjoy training and look forward to returning to play.

“When you get the disease it greatly effects the family and you must be willing to fight for victory, as you do in football.

“The club have always been by my side and helped me a lot, they have been with my family. I will fight to play again because I have a debt to the club for helping me and my family.”

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