Mou on Casillas, Ferguson & scrutiny

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has admitted that he 'sleeps well' despite constant pressure from the media.

The Portuguese Coach has come under-fire from the Press recently after leaving captain Iker Casillas on the bench for the match against Malaga.

But the former Chelsea man has claimed that there is no problem between himself and his goalkeeper.

“Honestly, I sleep very well at night,” he told reporters at the seventh annual Dubai International Sports Conference.

“I feel good about what I do and what I am. Being in the Press is a very difficult job because they need a story, regardless of what I do.

“We can win a game, but they are always looking for something else.

“And for this reason they have picked a path that is not even there. Years ago I lied in a Press conference and that was a huge problem. Nowadays, the problem is if you do not try to sell them something.

“Last week was tough because we lost, but for me it has been a fantastic week because I came to a simple conclusion – you can change the football, but you will always need a Coach.”

He also commented on the upcoming Champions League last 16 tie with Manchester United.

“It is always a match that everyone wants to play in and watch. We face a team coached by an icon of the Coaches.

“Ferguson is the only Coach who wants to talk after the match while drinking expensive wine. So I will have to travel with a good wine.

“The match will be a vibrant one and we are motivated to win against a team with a philosophy opposed to that of Real Madrid.”

The 49-year-old concluded by failing to speculate on his future and had some words of warning for Casillas.

“Right now, I am thinking only of Madrid,” he said. “In fact we will train tomorrow.

“I do not understand why Casillas can be considered a monument [of Madrid]. For me, the monument is the club itself and the Coach has to always do the best for the club.

“I'd rather see people, who, regardless of what he has done in the past, thinks about what to do in the future.”

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