Secretario decries ‘nationalistic’ Spain

Former Real Madrid defender Carlos Secretario has endorsed compatriot Pepe’s claims of discrimination against Portuguese players.

Now retired, Secretario played for Portugal and Madrid before turning out for Porto during the reign of current Madrid boss Jose Mourinho.

Now he has lent his support to the arguments made yesterday by current Los Blancos defender Pepe, who said Portuguese figures such as him and Mourinho were ‘persecuted’ within Spain.

“I know that when things go well at Real Madrid everyone is well regarded,” commented Secretario in an interview with Portuguese broadcaster Antena 1.

“But when things go wrong those blamed are foreigners. No wonder the Press now go for the Portuguese.

“The Spanish are very nationalistic. They demand much of the Coach just because he is Portuguese. And Mourinho, by his nature, is heartily disliked.”

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