Pique pride at Socio status

Gerard Pique has reflected on his pride at being the first serving player at Barcelona to celebrate 25 years as a ‘Socio’.

The centre-back was made a member of Barcelona when he was a newborn child and last week received the silver insignia for 25 years of membership, becoming the first serving player to do so.

“I’m very proud – apart from the fact I didn't take the decision to become a ‘socio’, because I was only a few days old, but it’s true that my grandfather [Amador Bernabeu] and then my parents made me aware of what it means to be a fan, how to be a Barcelonista, and I'm very proud of that,” Pique told UEFA’s official website recently.

“It was my grandfather’s idea. He was on the board of directors of Barcelona, and from the beginning he wanted to make me a Barcelonista.

“I have to thank him because now I'm celebrating my 25th anniversary because of him.”

The footballer is in a much-publicised relationship with pop singer Shakira and he was asked of her influence on his career to date.

“I believe love changes you. It’s a very important part of your life. And when you have it, you see things in a different way than you might have done before.

“When you’re single, you concentrate very much on football and your friends. Now it’s about your partner, and there’s a baby coming too – so things change and you have to adapt.

“But I think everything that’s happening to me now is beautiful.”

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