Pellegrini: This isn’t personal

Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini has stressed that tomorrow’s game against Real Madrid is not about him.

With Malaga just five points behind Madrid and the champions reeling from poor results and the constant speculation regarding Coach Jose Mourinho, the match is being seen as a perfect opportunity for Pellegrini to take revenge on his old club and the man who replaced him on their bench.

The Chilean rejected that perception, but did appear to deliver a subtle riposte to his Portuguese counterpart.

“I have no personal motivation in this game,” he declared in a Press engagement. “I have no relationship with Mourinho. This game is important for Malaga, perhaps another would give importance to their individual part, but the personal side is not important for me.

“I can’t answer for what happens in Madrid, I left there two years ago. Ask the President, the Coach, their fans. I’m very happy in Malaga, more than I have ever been.”

Pellegrini refused to write off Madrid’s title hopes though.

“There’s no use drawing conclusions when there are 21 games left. A game against Real Madrid or Barcelona is always special, they are the two biggest teams in Spain. Our situation also makes it special.”

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