Michel rues Sevilla mistakes

Michel Gonzalez lamented Sevilla’s poor end to the calendar year, reflecting that a mistake ultimately proved the difference against Real Sociedad.

The Basques won 2-1 on Thursday evening against the 10 men of Sevilla at Anoeta, to leave the visiting Coach in a downbeat mood.

“The impression left is negative because we needed to win and we did not. There were good signs in the game that we were on track when we drew level, but their second goal came after an error and that closed the game, because the next thing that happened was another red card and that cost us much more,” summed up Michel to reporters.

“During the first half Real Sociedad did well, in the wings as we expected, but then we recovered and in the second we were looking for much more, but the result is quite hard for us.”

The Coach admitted that it was the mistakes his team made in the game that proved significant.

“At this level you know that mistakes will be punished. We have suffered three or four times in the match and in the second half we had the game where we wanted, because we were willing and able. But their second goal came and it was very difficult to follow that.

“When a team has so much intention and it is not reflected, it is normal that the players are downbeat. That usually happens when you lose and more so when the points are needed.

“In the end our confidence is not unlimited, despite our intention. Although we played well, our lack of success sees that our dynamic is not good. You do not need to tell me, it is very negative.”

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