‘Del Nido more optimistic than me!’

Michel Gonzalez has reflected that his President has more faith in him than anyone else and more optimism in Sevilla this season.

Jose Maria del Nido addressed Michel and the players at the Christmas dinner earlier this week, declaring his absolute faith in their ability to turn around their current situation, likening it to the 2005-06 season in which the team went on to qualify for Europe and win the UEFA Cup.

“When people ask me about the President, I say that I am optimistic but that he is overly optimistic,” joked Michel at today’s Press conference when asked for his view.

“It is hard to find anyone who believes in me quite like he does. It could be a hoax but I do not think so. He is more convinced than me.

“I do not know him by himself, but in front of others he is a guy driven forward and that benefits from the spirit and optimism of others.”

Sevilla are on a run of just one win from the last eight played and they have slipped several places down the table and currently sit 13th.

“We must win to endorse that part of the game that we have transmitted but not yet translated into results.

“We have not changed our objectives, our approaches have not changed, nor has our way of seeing things. Initially we were very good this season, but recently we have not been getting the results.

“We would be concerned if we had had a bad game, or a lack of attitude, but it has been neither one thing nor the other.

“Doing more than we did in the first half last weekend against Malaga is not easy. I do not believe in luck, we are here and we have to work for things.

“Luck is mentioned when you go wrong. If we went right the other day then no-one would be talking about luck.”

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